Baby and Children’s Playtime | Paul Jeter Photography: Children and Baby Portrait Photographer in Midlothian, Waxahachie, Mansfield, Dallas, Fort Worth

Baby and Children’s Playtime

Booking Fee $150 (due at time of booking)

We love children!  In fact, we got started taking pictures of our own children.  For kids that are walking age and up, we will meet at a fun location and photograph them while they do what they do best, PLAY!  This enables us to capture them in a natural expression, having fun, laughing, being themselves.  We try to capture a lot of action, a lot of interaction, and a lot of expression.

For newborns and infants we get the best shot from 2-3 weeks of age.  These sessions work best in their crib, nursery, or other home environment you are used to and comfortable in.   If the weather is nice, we can also try to get some photos outside.  During Baby Playtime sessions, we normally take many close-ups, a lot of hands, feet, and eyes. All the parts that mommies and daddies love, that will also give us great ingredients for our custom composites.

Baby and Children’s Playtime sessions are generally one hour sessions. Each sitting includes a custom online gallery for your private viewing, or for sharing with friends and family. You can expect 50-75 processed images to choose from. We limit the choices to only the BEST of your images to help you in making your choices. Prints and package orders must be completed within 25 days from the day of the shoot.